WuzuTech Flappy Fish Friend

$39.99 $19.99

The Intelligent & Interactive Toy That Keeps Your Pet's Happy, Healthy & Fit, Everyday!

  • Comes with a powerful, rechargeable and long lasting 300mAh battery. 
  • Easy to charge- just open the zipper and plug in the USB-C cable (included!)
  • Fish outside is machine washable (REMOVE catnip pouch and motor out of the fish belly prior to wash!)
  • When your dog or cat touches the fish toy, the fish will automatically waggle and make a sound, animating to play and kick
  • After not being touched for a while, the flopping fish will return to "sleep" mode. Simply reactivate upon touch. 
  • Flappy Fish is made of safe and durable cotton cloth and short plush. The extremely durable material allows your pet to pat it, pounce and grab it and for cats do the death kick like they would with actual prey.
  • 11" in size, perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes. For big dogs, make sure they are (somewhat) gentle, otherwise they can crush the motor on the inside.
  • Not recommended for big or overly aggressive dogs to chew on for an extended period of time.


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